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colorless day Česky

Everything faded into grey. Everyone continues their lives without the ability to change them. And the sun cannot break trough clouds with its light...

colorles day is made of three short stories:
in silence, last dance and unkept promise

Written by: denzil
Languages: English, Czech
English translation: mikey
Graphic: BCS, DaFool, Vatina
Music: Alessio

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You can also watch read version of in silence by PolishLynx on YouTube

Download version 1.1:
(Changes: updated to new version of RenPy)
[Windows, Linux and MacOS X (32 MB)]
[Android - Play Store]
[Android apk (17 MB)]

Original versions:
[Windows installer (10.9MB)]
[Linux (12.9 MB)]
[Windows zip (11.7 MB)]

Information about running and playing of the original versions in readme