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How I try to have enough energy through the day

On the beginning of March I started working at a new job. The work looked interesting and the colleagues were nice. But a problem appeared, one that I didn’t expected. For sure not so early after starting new job. I started to be quite tired. So after work I haven’t had energy to do something. And that was happening despite me getting to sleep quite early and sleeping about 8 hours a day. So the problem wasn’t caused by lack of sleep.

So I decided to do something about it, so I would have more energy through the day. I also hoped that I would not need to go to sleep so early and be able to do something on the evenings. There were so many things I would like to do, but because of the fatigue I haven’t had time or energy left to do them.

Another problem was, that occasionally I haven’t slept well. Some days I just couldn’t fall asleep and when I did, I ended up waking in the middle of night again. On days following night like this I had trouble getting anything done. It was simply wasted day for me. And at a point, shortly after I started this new job, I had several such days like this and this was quite a problem.

So I needed something to give me energy to get through the day without such problems. The easiest solution was to start drinking green tea. It already helped me to get through days I had trouble sleeping and so I hoped that it will help me with this energy problem too.

But it didn’t solve problem with fatigue in the evening. I have experience with green tea, that if I drink it later in the afternoon, I will have hard time falling asleep. So I have to be careful about it to not cause more problems, that it would solve. Also it turned out that in the long run that daily drinking of the green tea would start to make me feel tired instead.

Beside that, I tried other way to make me have more energy – I started to exercise, specifically I started running. I used to run before and from that experience I knew that running can give energy. But I haven’t been running for a quite while and starting again was hard. After first course I was so tired, that I almost fell asleep after a I got out of shower and ate dinner. Well the track I ran was 6.5 kilometer long and at first it took me over 45 minutes to finish it.

Such state lasted for some time, first few weeks I was quite tired after running. But that was to be expected after half year without exercising. But then it started to get better. At first only a bit, but later I was even able to get to bed later. The time I needed to run the course was improving too. Especially in the beginning I was improving quite quickly and after some weeks the times stabilized at about 40 minutes with me trying to do the track 3 times a week.

The reason I started running such long course straight away was because I wanted to exercise that would last at least 40 minutes – this was because I have read that such long exercises can switch metabolism into “faster mode”. I have no idea if this is true as I haven’t researched it further, so I don’t know how much truth is there about it. If you know more about it, I will be glad if you let me know or send me a link. And it’s simply also true that these long tracks suit me better. I’m the kind of person that prefers long exercises over the ones oriented on speed. And I wasn’t sure if shorter exercise would have enough of effect anyway.

Another thing I changed was, that I started to eat more often. After all human body gets energy from food and I hoped that if I will eat more than just 3 times a day, as I was used, I will have more energy from it. So I stared to eat snacks during the day – be it some pastry witch chocolate or an apple for example (I like apples a lot (: ) or something else. In contrast with exercise I haven’t noticed any big difference, but at least I wasn’t getting hungry during the day. On the contrary, I was feeling a little bit stuffed sometimes.

But in combination with running it had interesting effect, one that I didn’t actually expected. I lost a quite bit of weight – roughly about 5 or 6 kilos after a half year of exercising with some breaks. I expected to lose a bit weight, but nowhere near so much.

Another pleasant change, that was apparently caused by exercising was, that when I haven’t slept well again sometime, then it didn’t have as bad effect as usually. Even when I had trouble sleeping few days in a row, it didn’t cause me so much problems as one night of bad sleeping before. I quite didn’t expect this and even though lack of sleep was still unpleasant, I was at least able to get something during the day following it.

What’s coming next? Hard to tell. Twice during the half year following I interrupted my exercising. Once because lack of time and second time because of injury. In both cases it was difficult to start again. So I hope there are no more interruptions waiting for me in the near future. Because after that would follow, quite needlessly, days when I would fall asleep quite early after the exercise.

I also started to exercise a bit in the morning and during the day – just a simple and quick warm up exercises. So I will see, what effect this will have on me in the future. So far only thing that happened was, that my legs and arms hurt a little bit. That already passed, so hopefully in the near future the positive results will start to show up. Though it is entirely possible that the pain was caused by not optimal choice of food. Because it vanished after I started to eat more foods that are recommended for muscle growth. And I have to admit that I hope, that my muscles will grow at least a bit, especially on the arms. I really could use some more of muscle mass there.

I probably won’t be adding more exercises, it would be hard to find time for it anyway. Though I would like to try Tai-chi for example, it’s quite tempting me especially after I read about it’s positive health effects. But there’s simply not enough time to do everything I’d like in the day. And sometime in the future I will write about how these quick exercises turned out. (: And then there’s mental energy needed for more challenging activities. So I would like to explore how to get that one too.