Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mandatory blog post about why I started to write blog (:

As the title already says, this is just the usual mandatory post about why I actually started to write here. After all it not really common for a introvert to start something public like this. And because I am introverted and I had to start somehow anyway, I decided to write what convinced me to actually start writing blog.
I was thinking about starting one for a few years. But every time it failed on something, be it lack of time or me not actually having ideas on what to write or something completely different. During that time I ran into many articles that tried to inspire into writing blogs. And after every each of them I said myself, that I could finally begin. Other ones said, how blog are useful for many things¬† and I was just nodding… And in the end it ended up in me doing nothing, none of them didn’t really convince me. I guess these were written for someone different.
Because recently I ran in one short presentation made for introverts that managed to do what none of the blogs before – I finally started to write. Very slowly, because I don’t have very much time, but I actually started. Because thanks to the presentation I realized that there are good reasons to start. And some of them were really important to me. (Also there’s blog linked in the presentation, that has extra ideas and details.)
For me the most important one is, that it helps me things thinks through. Because usually I have problems with it and even forget I actually should do it. Or even realize I should do it. But when I will write blog, I will spend more time and energy working on it. And even if I missed something important, there’s good chance that someone would point out in comments. (: And as a bonus, this thinking out thing will hopefully help me to clear some thing about myself, that I have a bit of mess in.
That is followed by my effort to improve my communication skills. The thing is that I’m pretty bad at talking with others. So every opportunity to improve is welcome for me. Especially because as introvert I have a problem, that when I am in discussion with¬† more than one person, I have problem to say anything. In blog this problem doesn’t exist and when I’m talking to just one person it’s easier for me a bit. And also, as similar people have tendency to like each other, there’s chance that I come upon someone interesting for me (or actually s/he will find me).
And there are other things easier for me – for example it takes me a while to remember something. (That is if I actually manage to remember, but I might write some other time about remembering.) There is no such problem when writing. I can spend as much time as I need trying to remember and it’s easy to look-up facts when needed. And also I will have this blog as a record, if I will need to remember something I was thinking about before.
So, I guess now I should make summary about what I actually plan to write here. In the near time (for very relative values of near, just this short log took me few week to finish), I will be trying to write about what I will be thinking about. But beside that I will write here about things that interest me, like books, programming, computer games and such stuff. Occasionally there maybe will show up something about anime or movie. But these probably will be exceptions. And event though I don’t consider myself a writer, sometimes I’m in the mood to write some story. These will probably too end up here. That is if I don’t decide turn them into visual novel.
That would be all for now, I guess. But because this is my first blog, I probably made many unnecessary mistakes and there is many things I could do better. So if you have a tip or suggestion, feel free to let me know in comments.